Horn Brothers Roofing is certified to install all roofing products. We offer re-decks, re-pitches, tear offs and can address all of your roofing needs any time of year weather permitting.

Composition Shingles are still one of the most affordable roofing material options, and they surpass yesteryear’s shingles in looks and performance. Modern shingles are more energy efficient, wind resistant to up to 130 mph in some cases, and many now come with limited lifetime warranties. With all the styles and colors to choose from, you can have an attractive, durable roof without exceeding your budget.

Both clay tile and concrete shingles offer long lasting durability, energy efficiency, and can be customized to your needs. Concrete tiles are specially formed and textured to mimic hand-split cedar shake, slate, Spanish mission tiles, Mediterranean tiles, or Old-English thatch. Clay tiles are offered in an almost limitless variety of shapes, colors, and finishing techniques. Tiles can be used in other areas of your home’s exterior such as walkways and outdoor fireplaces.

Slate roofs have covered some of the finest buildings in the world for centuries, but today’s slate shingles are more affordable and lighter in weight. Most homes require no structural modification for the installation of a new slate roof. A slate roof delivers a sumptuous look, requires little to no maintenance, comes in an assortment of colors and design patterns, and can add resale value to your home or business.

Standing seam roofs have long been used in commercial applications, but they are a popular trend in home roofing as well. The slick surfaces of a standing seam roof, shed rain, snow, and ice with ease. They have high wind and fire ratings, require little maintenance, and last for years. Metal roofs provide the perfect platform for solar panels, which are becoming more affordable than ever and can offer homeowners added benefits such as tax credits and possible rebates from local power providers.

A stone-coated steel roof combines the strength of galvalume steel with the durability of natural stone. Available in 3 styles and a wide range of colors, stone-coated steel roofs are beautiful, affordable, and suitable for any climate. A stone-coated steel roof offers so much protection from wind, fire, and hail, that it often qualifies for a homeowner’s insurance discount. This incredible roof material is guaranteed not to crack, split, curl, warp or absorb water. It’s virtually indestructible!

Horn Brothers Roofing specializes in both residential and commercial roofing claims.


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